Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Who is GOD?

God is the witness of all things – everything at the same time. His eye is everywhere at the same time, while your eyes are only in one place. His ear is everywhere, while your ears are only in one place. God is most precious fragrance; the Divine is full of excellent odours, full of the fragrance of unlimited Love, a love without distortion, and a love free from egoism.

The wondrous, omniscient Divinity nourishes and sustains all life forms. There is no desire or need that cannot be satiated. The omniscient, all-merciful, all-compassionate Divinity immediately responds to every call of the devotee, increasing his inner and outer wealth, providing all necessities to sustain his life. God is our caretaker. He is the true sustainer. He alone nourishes all creation and all life, for they have their source in Him.

The third eye means the eye of Omniscience, the eye of infinite knowledge, eternal knowledge, knowledge of the supreme truth, knowledge of every kind. It is an overwhelming fullness of timeless knowledge, indescribable knowledge, and the fire of infinite knowledge. It sees everything at the same time, knows everything at the same time.

For a man it is impossible to recognise two things in the same moment. Even if you think you recognise two, three or more things at once, it is just an illusion. Intelligence works at indescribable speed, jumping from one object to the other. The Divinity however knows innumerable things at the same time. For human reason this is a feat beyond imagination, exceeding its capacity to grasp.

Human love is always coupled with hate. It is limited because selfishness, pride and arrogance are contained in it. Such love quickly changes or transmutes into its opposite and thus is reprehensible love. The more selfless and divine, the less limited, the more detached from human nature love is, the greater the fragrance it spreads. Such love of infinite purity and perfection we find in the Divine. Thus God is the source and expression of perfect Fragrance. All that is of supreme value is of most precious odour.

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